The Path to Joy

The Path to Joy


The Gift of Suffering

We normally try to avoid suffering, pain, humiliation and feeling low, so much so that there is a whole “Happiness” industry that tries to tell us that all our problems are because we aren’t happy enough.


Is happiness really good for us? Or do we need a itsy bitsy little suffering?

Inner War and Peace: The War in Our Minds and Dark Night of the Soul : A war that started thousands of years ago is still going on….. in our minds. In this essay I talk about a dangerous enemy that stops most meditators in their paths, and can even kill you if you are not careful…

Inner War Part 2: The Hidden Enemy Few People Know About This enemy destroys many meditators, all the while hiding in the shadows….

Inner War 3: Watching the Watcher- or Why the Mind Hates it When You Try to Meditate The Mind Fears ONE things above everything else- when you start watching it. And that’s why it fights you

Inner War 4: Just because you have a spiritual experience doesn’t mean the ego gives up We often think that just because we’ve had a few spiritual experiences, we have “arrived”. But the ego doesn’t give up so easily and puts up a big fight, leading to what many call the Dark Night of the Soul

The Dirty G Word - In which I use a word fo filty, so dirty, that half of you will leave in disgust. Click at your own risk

Karma isn’t Your Headmaster, and God isn’t Harry Potter In which I talk about what karma is, escaping the circle of karma, and Harry Potter. Obviously , Harry Potter has the answers

God / Divine / Universe Doesn’t use Beatings To Teach You About Love! I don’t know we believe the Universe or God is out to get us, that we will be punished for our sins / karma, or other such crap. As I argue, the Divine using fear to teach us about love would be like toruturing someone to teach them about the evils of torture! It sounds so stupid, and yet the ego belives this……

Why is Meditation so Hard? Because of the Monkey Inside us

The monkey inside of us, is the biggest enemy we have to spiritual progress. He is also our BIGGEST friend. We can’t achieve awakening without the monkey ‘s help.

Why is Meditation Hard, Part 2, Or What Stars Wars Taught me About Meditation Because everyone should learn meditation from Star Wars!!

Why the F%^& doesn’t God/Goddess/Spongebob Squarepants answer my prayers?

You sit there praying to a God who seems absent or just doesn’t care. And you wonder, God, dude, what the fuck is going on? All I asked for was a cheese sandwich, why won’t you listen to my prayers and give me the goddamn cheese sandwich?

The reason, as I so eloquently describe, is because God hates you. Sorry, but it’s just You

Spiritual Astrology - In which I argue the Goal of Astrology is to Guide us Spiritually, Not Make Silly Predictions

One of the easiest way to achieve spiritual growth is also one of the hardest: Opening up to the Divine Mother and letting her owrk through you.

The Divine Mother: She Who Gives Both Material and Spiritual Wealth

What do you do when having a strong panic / anxiety attack, and nothing seems to work?

tldr: Fuckin’ breathe

Money and Wealth series:

Is It Possible To Be Rich, Enjoy The Material Life, And Still Be Spiritual?

Spiritual types think money is evil, it’s all about the Luuhhvvvvvv. But this twisted thinking actually stops them from growing spiritually.

Money is Sooooo Evvvilllllll: Or, Why Spiritual Types Struggle with Money - A follow up to the above, for the people still convinced moneys is Evilllllllzzzzz.

The Third post in this series: How to Really Manifest Abundance, and Live the Life You Were Meant to

Is the World Just a Dream or Illusion? So Can I drink beer and watch TV? The question you have always wanted to ask, but were afraid to…

Meditation and Happiness Series

Question from reader: I have been meditating for years, and yet I feel imperfect. I get angry, irritated etc. What do I do? Is my meditation not working?

The Teacher replies: You may have misunderstood what meditation is all about

Related: I have been meditating for months / years, yet still feel as miserable as a wet sponge

Meditator General’s Warning: Meditation can be Harmful to Your Health and Happiness : OR Most of what you know about Meditation comes from Marketing

Most people think of meditation as sitting in lotus pose chanting Auuummmm.

A great resource for learning to meditate is the Course in Miracles, which teaches you to train your mind to become peaceful.

As a mini followup, read how the Course helped me with my job hunting. A Meditation to Deal with Stressful Job Interviews

Most hippie spiritual types want to “save the world, lah-di-dah”. But the Teacher says, It is better to be the best version of yourself before trying to help others

On Healing the Pain of Living Why People Struggle with Life and Spirituality, and how the ego tricks us into accepting mediocrity

Choose Your Own Hero’s Journey, Live a Life Full of Meaning

Be the Hero of Your Own Story: Don’t READ the Hero’s Journey, LIVE Your own Hero(ine)’s Journey

Dear God Your world sucks, I want a refund Like a drug, the world gives you short term pleasure, but long term pain. And though you hate the material world, you keep going back to it like a junkie. Until it finally kills you. So fuck you, God, your world sucks. I want a refund.

To which the Universe replies: (click here to read more)