Dear God Your world sucks, I want a refund

Dear God Your world sucks, I want a refund

The Poison of the World

The world seems like a poison. Any touch with it hurts us.

Food makes you fat, gives you diabetes or IBS. Worst case, all 3 at the same time 😊

Relationships make you miserable, but you can’t escape them.

And that is the problem with the world. Any touch with it makes you unhappy. It hurts you, pains you.

Like a drug, it gives you short term pleasure, but long term pain. And though you hate the material world, you keep going back to it like a junkie.

Until it finally kills you.

So fuck you, God, your world sucks. I want a refund.

The world is like a fruit made of paper. It has no smell or taste, but boy does it look pretty. To expect pleasure from the world is like licking a painting of a glass of water and expecting to calm the burning thirst you are feeling.

On the other hand: it is Not the World’s Job to Make You Happy. If the material world could speak it would say:

“I never promised to make you happy. You took all your fears, your hopes, your dreams and projected them on to me. You tried to turn me into something I am not. It is not my fault I cannot please you, but then I never said I could. You just assumed so.”

You say the world is like a paper fruit or a picture of water. In that it doesn’t quench your thirst. Whose fault is that?

You are like of millionaire floating on an ocean own clean fresh water that can satisfy permanently. All you need to do is wake up and have a sip.

And yet, you insist on getting your pleasure from me. You expect me to make you happy, when you already have everything you need.

You say the world is like a paper fruit? Let me go one step further.

The world is just a blank piece of paper. It is merely an empty canvas.

You paint your dreams on it. You are who paints the fruit or water on it. And then you expect the fruit you just drew to satisfy you? Why?

Me: so what is the material world for? What is its purpose?

World: the world is an empty canvas in which forms dance. Forms appear and go. Nothing is permanent here. Everything comes. Everything goes.

Today the sunshine. Tomorrow it will midnight.

Today it is the young. Tomorrow it will be old.

Today a beautiful little baby. Tomorrow dead old man.

The world is a canvas on which the universe creates.

On which the dancer dances her form.

You are not the dancer. You are merely a watcher. Your job is to enjoy the dance, clap, then go home.

Don’t blame the world for not making you happy. It was never meant to!

Joy and peace are to be found inside of you. You already have them. Why do you look at me, the empty canvas, for these things?

The world is a place where the spirit creates. You are a cocreator with the universe. Enjoy the process, enjoy the dance. If you really feel excited, you can join the dancer and start dancing yourself.

But never make the mistake of thinking the dance is to make you happy. The universe is dancing to please herself. You can dance with her, or watch and clap stop and don’t even control the dancer or the dance.

The world is empty and devoid of meaning. But that is not the world’s fault.

It is yours for projecting your own insecurities and fears onto the road. The world cannot satisfy that way.

You must discover the joy yourself. And then the world becomes a playground for you. A place to dance the dance. A canvas to paint your dreams.

Me: all good, but my thinking and senses keep running to the world for pleasure. Like out-of-control horses. Even though the world feels poisonous, stinging my horses with its sharp painful edges, making them cry in pain, they still keep returning to the material world, like alcoholics or drug addicts. What can I do?

The Universe replies:

Ha ha ha. There is nothing you can do. That is the solution, that is also the problem.

To suffer is to believe that you are the cause of your happiness or sadness. That you are responsible for your food.

But if you are unconscious, you are merely a mechanical, programmed robot obeying a fixed set of instructions. And that is why you feel like a alcoholic or drug addict. You cannot give of the pleasures of the material world because you you don’t have any free will; you never had any free will.

All you do is merely follow your programming. And with every action, with every decision, with every thought, you reprogram your mind’s computer for misery. The mind is stuck in misery and keeps looping over the same program over and over, over and over, over and over.

You think you have free will, but you have as much free will as your computer that has been programmed to do a few things repeatedly. It only feels like you have free will because you can make a few cosmetic changes to your life. But for all the important things, the mind works on automatic pilot. Your thinking a rational mind is very weak and you often lose control of it, and in the states of unconsciousness the automatic mind takes over again.

You want to diet and eat healthy, but end up overeating anyway. Why is that? Why cant you control yourself?

Because you are like a programmed robot. The programming is stronger than the conscious mind which is just a tiny and weak component in the system.

Spiritual awakening is turning off the automatic pilot. Or at least, in the beginning, becoming aware of the automatic and mechanical habits that enslave us.

As Eckhart Tolle says: it would be wrong to say that you think. Most of the time it is the mind thinking through you. To say “I think” is like saying “I breathe” or “I make my heart beat”. The process is automatic and beyond your control.

It is this automatic programming that once these and happiness in the world. It looks at past experiences, or imagined future, and tries to find happiness in it. But there is no happiness in the world, because the world you see is not real. It is imaginary. It is like a dream.

When we say the world is a dream, we do not mean it is a dream in the objective sense. Rather, the world YOU see is a dream. Because you never see the real world. Everything you say is tainted by your own thoughts, by your own expectations, by your own fears, by your grabbing and grasping of the world.

You see the world that you want to exist. A world that is a projection of your own mind. You create the world with your own thoughts and projections. You never see the world for what it is.

And that is why you must try to explain the world at each and every turn. If it is raining, it is miserable. If it is sunny, it is too hot. If the boss doesn’t promote you, it is because he hates you.

And yet, in all this, the world itself is innocent. It does not seek to harm you, or attack, or hurt you in any way.

It is your own thinking that keeps attacking you. Your mechanical thought patterns keep trying to pick a fight with the world. Because if there was true peace, these thoughts would have to die.

And so your thinking will find an excuse to pick a fight with someone. If it cannot find anyone, it will attack you. It will keep throwing negative and harmful thoughts at you. It will keep showing you all the negativity in the world, all the hate, and warn you that you must attack before you are attacked.

Like a madman, the mind attacks itself and then tries to blame the outer world for it. And all the while, the world itself is innocent.

It is not the world that is bad, it is our own thinking. Like Shakespeare said:

for there is nothing either good or

bad, but thinking makes it so.

So don’t blame the material world for the problems. Don’t blame God or some invisible force for the misery in the world. This problem is caused by us, by our own insane mind. And so, it can only be healed by us, healed at the level of the mind, not the physical level.

The real world the place of love, of joy, of peace. It is as innocent as God itself. The world wants to help us, if we would only stop projecting our own garbage onto it.

Me: very lubby dubby. But I have to go back to work. I have to pay my rent. I have to play the politics of work, politics of relationships. And then, at the end of the day, after all the running, I get like five fucking minutes of peace. Should I sit down to meditate? Cause every time I do, the world drags me back in. All the anger, all the lust, all that shit, just comes rushing into my mind.

Like the godfather says, Just when I thought I was out, they DRAG me back in.

The Universe : ok, godfather.

The world does pull you, but only because you have an attraction to it. And let us just clarify this: Running away from the world, saying money or sex or big cars are bad is a form of negative attraction. The monk sitting in the mountain top is as obsessed with the material world as someone who lives in a big house and drives a BMW.

The world doesn’t pull you to it. YOU pull YOU to it. Your thinking is the one that runs after (or away) from the world. Your thinking looks for happiness in the world, or blames it for its misery.

The world is neutral, an empty canvass. In fact, the Real World is a place of Infinite Joy and Peace, but we will get back to that.

Your thinking attacks you, and tries to blame the world for it. Your thinking mind is full of anger, or hate, or lust , but it cannot analyse itself. It is a bit stupid that way.

And so, it must find a cause for the pain it feels. It must try to justify its existence. And so the mind looks outside.

I am miserable because the boss doesn’t respect me! Wife doesn’t love me! Damn kids! Damn school, telling me how to raise my kids! Damn gubba-ment, always raising taxes! AGGHHHH! WORLD. IS. EVIL.

But is the world that bad? The hate you feel, the anger, the feeling of despair, these feelings have always been there. Be honest. Haven’t they?

Have you ever felt tense when something good happens? Like the good cant last, that you will be attacked sooner or later? That if you feel happy, you must suffer later on?

This is the pain of living, a spiritual pain that affects everything we do. The pain is always there. It is a PART of the mind, it creates the mind in a weird twisted way. And so the mind can never go beyond it, because the mind IS PAIN. It was created by pain, sustained by pain, and it justifies its existence THRU pain.

And so the mind LOVES pain, as in TOTALLY LOVES IT 😊

The pain justifies its existence, gives it a reason to exist. And so the mind loves the concept of heaven/hell, or karma, or eternal punishment. The more pain, the better!

The material world is just a convenient excuse for it. Something to blame for its own miserable/painful existence. Blaming the world is a way to temporarily shut off the pain.

Because by blaming others, the mind is resolved of guilt, if only for a short time. And then it can get busy picking a fight with whoever it thinks attacked it. This not only gives it an excuse to blame its own problems on someone else, it also distracts it.

The more distractions, the better. FaceTube! Tweeter! Social Media! Porn! TV! Damn racist republicans/conservatives! Damn hippy communist liberals! And so the mind keeps itself busy, one drug after the other.

And we are not joking about attack.. If no one from the outside attacks the mind, it will attack itself. It will shame you, force you to do things that make you feel guilty, like overeat or watch porn for hours or shout at your loved ones, then shame you for doing the same things.

The mind will often invite an attack, by pre-emptively attacking someone it thinks is going to attack it, and then acting all victim. It’s anger now is “self defence” and hence justified. Meanwhile, the other person thinks exactly the same. And so, both people are happy, attacking each other in “self defence”.

This self attack is the most dangerous thing, as the mind divides into two, bully and victim, and fights itself. And no matter who wins, YOU lose.

The material world, as we have said, is neutral in all this. It just sits there, watching with amusement your mad game.

The pain was created by us

Hindu stories always start with the gods giving a gift to a demon, who then uses said gift to attack the gods. The gods then have to go running to some higher god for help.

We are like that. Our pain is created by us. Our own mechanical thinking, which is often full of anger and hate, comes back to haunt us. We have programmed ourselves to hate, so much so that when we sit down to meditate, we can’t. Because all those suppressed emotions, all that mechanical habitual thinking, it all comes rushing into us. It overwhelms us, destroys us.

And so many people give up meditation. It is too hard. Or they go for complex techniques. Ones that require hours of preparation, special materials or chants or visualisations. The mind loves all this complexity, as it can get lost in it, and forget its pain. And the mind feels it is “doing” something, which makes it even more happy.

Yet meditation isn’t “doing” anything. It is a state of letting go, of falling down. And that’s why the simplest meditations are always the best. The simplest mantras, the simplest visualisations; the simplest technique is just sitting your ass down and doing nothing. Or doing simple things like watching the breath, thoughts etc.

The Universe helps us against our own madness. We are the ones who fill our minds with shit. With hate, with anger, with emotion. And our own hate attacks us, it brings us down, and thanks to the law of attraction (which didn’t work as most people imagine), it brings misery to our outer world too. Our own thinking patterns create problems in the outer world. We attract our own misery through our thinking.

I disagree a little with the modern interpretation of the law of attraction. It is very simplistic, which while true, does lead to shaming by the so called spiritual people. Oh you got sick? ITS YOUR OWN FAULT. Law of attraction, haha

It is this shaming that causes so many people to dismiss the concept out of hand, even when it would help them. Especially when it would help them.

The reason the law of attraction doesn’t work in a simple manner is: Our conscious thinking mind is only a small part of us. So our logical mind might me trying to manifest money, but the deep unconscious, which might be 90% of our mind, is full of hate and self loathing. Guess what it is trying to manifest? Guess which part wins out?

And that is why we get problems in the material world— our own inner part attracts it. But since this part is hidden from the conscious mind, we think it is something out there attacking us. Some god, some karma, some son of a bitch who hates your guts J

The solution is not to shame people or blame them. It is to accept we are unconscious. That we are not in control of ourselves. That meditation, really, is about making the unconscious conscious. About accepting the parts of us we are ashamed about, and want to hide not just from the world, but ourselves.

You, the person reading this, know this to be true. There is something IN YOUR own life you are so embarrassed about, you don’t even try to think about it. Usually something sexual or shameful.

But just hiding the pain doesn’t make it go away. It becomes stronger, until it starts fighting you. The pain isn’t bad, it just wants to express and resolve itself.

And the material world, we repeat, has nothing to o with all this. It is ALL in YOUR own MIND.

The job of the Spirit, of God, is merely to guide you out of the MADNESS YOU CREATED. Nothing more, nothing less. Because your True Self is one of Peace and Joy and Love.

The Real World

We talked of a Real World. This is the world you see once you go beyond the madness of the mind. It is a place of Love, of Beauty, or Peace.

Where even the most miserable person, the saddest, the one who has suffered the most, is but a few seconds away from ever lasting peace. A World where the Peace of the Spirit, the Love of the Universe, is always available to you, at your beck and call, like a personal servant. It just stands there, waiting for your permission. The Spirit can make you happy, the material world can give you anything you want. But you do have to want it.

The Universe, call it Spirit, God, anything: It just waits for us. Waits for us to stop for a second, stop our madness, our self loathing and self hatred, and ask IT for help.

And the Universe obliges. It shows us a way out of the madness. It does not do miracles or pull bunnies our of hats. NO.

The Spirit helps us THRU the world. It teaches us to see the Real World, a place of Infinite Love. A place where there is no suffering, no pain, only Joy and Peace.

Me :Great. Sign me up. How do I start?

Universe: Where do YOU want to start? The Universe will work with you, where your are, whoever you are.

All you need is a openness to ask the Universe for help. The courage to face your demons, but also the humility to understand you cant face these demons alone. And you don’t need to. WHY SHOULD YOU?

The Universe Has Your Back. All you need to do is ask for help 😊