The Divine Mother: She Who Gives Both Material and Spiritual Wealth

The Divine Mother: She Who Gives Both Material and Spiritual Wealth

Most religions / spiritual philosophies worship the male energy. Here, I am using Tantra’s definition of male/female, and by tantra I dont mean the Kamasutra sexy sex pretending to be spiritual type, but the Sit for 10 hours chanting mantra type.

The male energy, or Shiva in this terminology, is the far away perfect being, beyond the world, unexplainable, not understood by the mind, a Being of Perfect Joy and Peace. And there is nothing wrong with this.

One of the characteristics of Shiva is- it cannot be defined or understood in ANY way by the mind. This is the esoteric reason behind the Bible’s command to not create idol’s of God, or in Judaism, to not even use the word G-o-d. Rather than being a judge-gy thing, it was merely a pointer: You can’t even hope to grasp the Infinite, so don’t even try.

The Divine is formless, forever beyond the mind.

The counterpart of Shiva, Shakti, is the Divine in form. She gets a poor rep in spiritual circles.

The world is evil, tempting, sinful; an illusion, a place to trap us, a prison.

Most religions, western and eastern, want to escape the world into some sort of pure bliss. The world, and material comforts like money, are distractions at best, traps at worst.

Run, run run! to the forests to meditate! Save yourself cheeeld-ruuunnnn!

Goddess worship is not feminism

The divine mother is worshipped in many cultures, but mainly the east. Kali/Lakshmi in India, Guanyin in China; even the west had to elevate Mother Mary, because the pure male energy of Jesus and gang weren’t enough.

Goddess worship has become fashionable again, thanks to feminism. But this leads to the idiotic belief amongst many that the Goddess is mainly for women.

Or worse: The goddess is just the female version of God. So just like the God of the bible, but a chick instead of a dude. With boobs instead of a hairy chest, but otherwise, no different.

The Goddess Keeps it Real, she’s in the Hood

God, or the Shiva/male energy, is far off and perfect. To him, we too are perfect, and he can’t “see” our problems. From the point of view of perfection, we are all free and enlightened already. Many Zen/Advaita teachers teach this: There is nothing to do, no where to go. We are all Beings of Light and Bliss.

But then your fucking rent is due, and the landlord won’t accept Light or Bliss. Your car breaks down, and those bastards at AA want cash, not Peace.

Shiva exists in perfect Oneness, but the Mother exists in duality. She knows our problems, knows that the rent is more important than sitting an hour a day in meditation, as otherwise we’ll be meditating outside in the rain. And hence the title of this article- the mother promises spiritual growth, but she’ll also ensure you can pay your rent.

In business speak, this is the killer feature of Goddess worship, in that she allows you to live a well off and comfy life, while she helps you with Awakening. Which makes me wonder why the Mother isn’t more popular than the life denying run to the forest cause the world is toooo cruel type religions.

Must be poor marketing. This article is an attempt to fix that.

The Divine Mother Energy

Goddesses with form like Kali or Durga are very popular, and there is a whole set of rituals in Tantra to make them appear before you, that supposedly take 10 lifetimes.

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

I found that The Mother energy that underlies all goddeses with form, like Kali, the pure Mother Energy (sometimes called adya shakti, or primal force), is more easily accessible than the form goddesses.

That is, you can directly and more easily access the pure Mother Energy; that you don’t need complicated rituals or mantras, and you don’t need to dance in the forest wearing a bikini, like that ice cream ad showed.

The Mother is Motion

While shiva is static, the mother is motion. Everyone reading this article has felt this Mother energy. Even You, and yes, I can prove it.

Anytime you are walking in the forest, or near a river, and you feel very peaceful, that is the Mother Energy. We love nature, because that will be the only time 99.99% of people will feel the Mother. It will make them happy, but they won’t be able to explain why.

The Mother is felt in natural places like

  • Forests

  • Mountains (though mountains themselves have a male energy, a wise old man archetype energy)

  • Rivers, lakes

  • The ocean

That’s the reason humans like going into nature, and why people get so angry if you put a McDonalds near a beautiful sight– you are literally prostituting the Mother.

What else moves?

The breath.

And that is why the breath is so calming. Watching the breath puts us in touch with the Mother energy. This energy is calming, loving, accepting and compassionate.

And what moves even more than the breath?

Something that can’t fuckin’ sit quiet for 2 seconds, not even when we are sleep? The Mind

The Mother Energy is the Divine Mind, one that has been calmed of its passions, one that can see the world as it is, rather than through a lens of past conditioning. This divinised mind is full of compassion, is free of judgement, and sees both the saint and the sinner with equal eyes.

Getting in touch with the Mother

Ok, you say, I’m sold. I’ll have me 2 of these Divine Mother energy, with ketchup and fries please. How do I start?

The path of the Mother is either the easiest, or the hardest fucking thing you will ever do (TM).

The Mother’s path is- to become aware, not only during meditation, but all throughout the day. To open up to the Divine, this Mother energy, and let it flow through you, and let it guide your daily actions.

There is no technique- it is literally letting the Mother heal you. You are in a boring meeting, focus on breath, and ask the Mother to guide you. You feel angry at some twat who won’t stop talking, take a breath and ask the Mother for guidance. You sit down for meditation, you close your eyes, and ask the Mother for help.

This path is so damn easy,as you don’t have to do ANYTHING. Let the Mother work, let her do all the work for you.

And that is why the method is so hard as well- the mind needs something to do, else it gets bored and starts looking at people on social media, whose number one hobby is taking off their clothes and photographing themselves.

Most meditation techniques serve only one purpose- to get the mind to shut the fuck up for 2 seconds, so the Mother can come in and do the work. And that’s why it’s important not to get too hung up on techniques, or which is the best one, because ultimately they are like a banana to distract the monkey, while you ready your dart gun to shoot it down.

The Mother’s Promise

Worshipping the male part of God, or Shiva, leads to harshness and coldness, a this world is just an illusion or a place of suffering type thinking.

And that’s why most religions- Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc want to run away from the world into some “heaven” or “nirvana”.

And that’s fine. Whatever floats your boat.

But the Mother energy created this world, so she doesn’t like people running from it. The Mother wants us to stay in the world and help our fellow brothers and sisters, whatever way we can. And this doesn’t mean the egoistical Save the poor in Africa / protect the rainforest that the ego wants us to do. The Mother is happy if we help one fellow human being in pain.

In return, the Mother promises both spiritual AND material wealth. Yes, the Mother doesn’t care if you want to become a millionaire. Money, like the river, flows. It is evil only when it becomes stagnant. The Mother is happy to let money flow through you, if that means you can do her job properly. And by that we don’t mean end malaria or save the whales (though that might be a part of it).

It merely means you use the wealth to help in the Mother’s task. What is the Mother’s task? You can’t know until your mind has become divine, and the Mother’s energy is flowing through it.

The Mother wants to end suffering in the world, but the best way to do that is for each of us to heal our own minds before we try to fix the world.

And that’s why the best way to save the world is to first save yourself.

The Mother

And so the Mother promises:

  • A calm and peaceful mind

  • A joyful life

  • All the money you could ever need

So why isn’t the Mother more popular? Why isn’t everyone living in the Mother energy?

I believe it takes a certain level of awareness of even become aware of the Mother. But once you do, she can start guiding you, materially and spiritually.

Until then, our goal should be to become one with the Mother Energy.