How to Really Manifest Abundance, and Live the Life You Were Meant to

How to Really Manifest Abundance, and Live the Life You Were Meant to

The Teacher:

The mind Is like a red hot stove in the summer, causing you extreme discomfort. Meditation/compassion is like sprinkling water on the red hot burning stove.

The stove will cool down by itself, if we let it. That is, not add more heat, in the form of hate, anger and disgust, to the mind.

This includes disgust/hate for ourselves.

So all we need to do is be patient. The Divine is like an air conditioner that will do 90 to 99 percent of the work for us. Yes, I do mean ninety-nine percent of the work.


1) We are willing to do the one percent. The sad thing is, even that is too much for many people.

2) we are willing to let the Divine work through us.

3) We are willing to be patient. The Divine always fixes the root cause of the problem which is why it may seem it is not responding to us are taking too long.

But the divine is always working in us, even when we are not aware of it. Even in your so-called selfish or materialistic people. Especially in your materialistic people. The divine is letting them reach the peak of material/sensual enjoyment, and then let them realise the emptiness of it all.

The divine was working in you in your atheist phase, Shantnu.

(Note: I had become a hard core atheist in 2010-2017, mainly because I felt my prayers weren’t being answered, and I was stuck in a dead end job).

The divine was showing you that you cannot ignore the material world, you cannot pretend it is unspiritual or dirty, and that some future more spiritual version of yourself won’t need the material world any more.

That spirituality is not an excuse to run from the world, or hide from the problems. Is this not true?

Were you not using spirituality as an excuse not to work on yourself, to be the best human could be? You kept hoping you could ignore your problems, so that your future spiritual self would have to deal with them.

And that is true in a way; that true being does dissolve most of your problems. But you still have to confront the truth of who you are known. Stand naked in front of God, as it were. God WILL fix all your problems, but only if you give them to him.

So be honest with God. Like, that you want more money. But is wrong with that? Only your ego thing is money is unspiritual, while at the same time praying to God to solve all your money problems!


And that brings me nicely to money. It is spiritual or not? What should my attitude towards money be? How do we know if we are exercising our right to abundance, or feeding the ego more shit?


the answer to this, like all things, is complex.

The God, the universe, being, once you to live your life to the fullest and be happy.

Happiness is the key here. The divine would rather that you were a happy atheist than a sad yogi.

While the divine prefers people to live a spiritual life, sometimes this isn’t possible. They ego, by which we mean the few thoughts will pretend to be you, will fight to keep their position in the mind and can even kill you if they see the group weakening.

God does not want you to suffer at the hands of these bully thoughts; though they are mistaken, they still have the power of the divine behind them and they can and will fight a very nasty war with God or anyone they think threatens them. Which ultimately causes suffering for the mind.

And that is why we say that the ego is insane – it attacks itself ( as there is no one else out there ). Does so by projecting itself out on the road and creating enemies.

But its enemies are thoughts like itself, and there never separate from itself.

And so the ego, like a madman, cuts itself and thinks it is fighting an external enemy. Over time, these self attacks kill the ego but not before sometimes also killing the body.

And so the cycle starts again in a new body.

God knows how to work around this insanity. God sends his Light, which is actually his unlimited love and compassion. This love is felt by a few thoughts, will start to realise that they are not the real kings of the body. That they are mere imposters, that they can only be happy when the real king takes his position as the ruler of the body.

The real king is the Self, the divine, the One in all beings. The divine thoughts must serve this king. The ego thinks this is slavery, but the mind can only be happy when it serve its real master, the Light.

Me: this is all very interesting, but can we come back to the money? Cha-ching, baby

Teacher: yes. And so that is why the divine wants the mind and the divine thoughts help in fighting this internal war. This is the real holy war, the war that all religions talk about but don’t have the courage to actually fight.

It is easier to kill people in the outside world than it is to fight this war in your own mind.

To help you fight this war, God will give you all the tools you need. If you need money to live a happy and satisfied life, God is happy to give them to you.

Because let us be honest. Money, wealth, big house, big car: all these things are easy. Do you really think God, the master of the universe, is limited by anything as stupid as your job, or your karma, or the fact that the economy is not doing good? God can manifest as much money as is required to make you happy.

The hard part always has been, and will be, doing the inner work. Making sure that it is not the ego, the insane king, asking for this money. Most people prefer money but never get it because they are fighting for the ego.

This is the same ego hurting itself and crying out in pain. How can God give them what they want, when they will use this gift of God to only hurt themselves more?

And while it hurts the divine, God insists they must take the first step. They must fight the inner war, the war in their mind, the war between the forces of light and darkness.

And that is why God denies many (most?) Prayers. God wants to heal your real problem. Which is almost always been seen insane ego hurting itself.

Once and only after the ego has either been defeated, or better, joined the light, can the divine help you openly. Want a million dollars? Here have it. The universe is not limited. There is abundance everywhere.

And that is the answer. You can have as much money as you want, provided you are doing the inner work . You cannot fool the universe, you cannot fool the divine intelligence. The ego says “Give me a million dollars, so I can build a hospital.”

You think you can fool God with such childish thoughts? God would rather you be honest and asked for a bigger house and a Mercedes.

Me: God can I have a bigger house and a Mercedes?

Teacher Yes. Now shut up and listen.

Keep doing the Inner Work, and trust the universe will provide. The Universe is made of abundance, of wealth and happiness. We are the ones who block this abundance by blocking the light of God; the solution then is also very simple: Let the Divine Light flow through you and Heal Your Being.