On Healing the Pain of Living

On Healing the Pain of Living

Or Why People Struggle with Life and Spirituality

People willingly choose to be puppets of unseen forces (call it the subconcious, call it Karma or whatever).

This makes them miserable and sad; nothing seems to work, and their life seems out of control and random.

Even when people are happy, they feel this deep discomfort, this feeling that something is wrong, that it will all come crashing down soon.

Teacher: The pain is universal; it doesn’t belong to one person, it belongs to every living thing.

It is like a constant wound on the side of humanity. Even when they are happy, it hurts them. But they don’t know why. They try to find reasons in the outer world to blame for the pain. How their father doesn’t respect them, how electricity company harassing them, how they can’t get enough money. Hittin’ close to home yet?

Me: Haha . Sorry, who were you talking about?

Teacher: Ahem. But the problem is, no matter what they do, the pain doesn’t go away. Because the pain isn’t out there, it is in here. Do you see? This is very important to understand.

Me: yes.

Teacher: Good. This is what I told you when you couldn’t find job, one company withdrew offer, another was nasty to you. You cried that the job loss was your problem. I tried to show you, even then, that that was NOT the wound. You found the job, but found something else to complain about.

Because, as I’ve said, the pain isn’t out there, it is in here.

Its always been with you, thru your lives. All of them.

People pretend they are acting in a play. They pretend to be happy, party hard, drink/eat a lot, take happy selifes. Oh, look how happy we are! they shout on social media.

The play, the acting of people- this leads to the pain. Because while they enjoy play acting in the world, they have to, by design, ignore the pain. Ignoring the pain gives them the strength (the ego believes) to continue in the world.

That’s why it will fight TOOTH and Nail to ignore the REAL world.

Me: What’s this I read in ACIM: If the ego finds a question it doesn’t like, it obliterates it from mind? Is it true? What does that mean?

Teacher: Yes, its true. The ego can fool the mind, like a supervillain with mind control powers (or the Matrix from the movie), it can “wipe” the memory of the mind.

Everytime you get an uncomfortable thought, a thought that says Something is wrong with this world, something doesn’t make sense (again, think the movie Matrix), the ego “erases” the thought, so the mind thinks it never even occurred. The fact that the ego does this continually explains why it’s so angry and fearful.

It is constantly afraid it will be found out. That it will be abandoned or betrayed, left to die.

You imagine being forced to stay awake forever, fighting invisible enemies. No wonder the ego goes insane!

But the ego can’t really hide from the Higher Mind, the mind of the Inner Teacher, which is really the mind of God. When MY Light falls on your mind, everything is illuminated. There is nowhere for the ego to hide. It can no longer crush questions. That’s why it gets angry at “God”.

That’s why you need a bare minimum of awareness because the world starts to make sense, as it were. All these things that so impress you TODAY: would you still have been impressed 6 months ago?

Me: Not really. Found even Eckhart Tolle boring.

Teacher: Yes. Because you lacked the divine awareness, your ego was SILENTLY killing important questions/observations of Truth, without you even realising.

That’s why JUST TELLING people Oh look! There is a God! He is consciousness! So Simples! Don’t work.

Me: Doesn’t work. Grammar, dude.

Teacher: Sorry, Grammar nazi. Doesn’t work. Because, and this is important, PEOPLE CAN’T HEAR THE DAMN TRUTH!

This is the problem with most religions and teachings. They just give you the facts, and expect you to figure it out for yourself. But that’s not how it works.

Their ego jumps in and “takes over” / corrupts the message. People want to hear what they want to hear. Which is usually related to the “role” they have chosen to play. One that makes them miserable, but they wont let go. Its their choice, and God doesn’t interfere.

Me: So whats the escape? How do we teach others?

Teacher: And that’s why the Teacher of Light only works on Himself. You change the world by changing YOUR OWN mind first. And since all minds linked, other minds follow.

Practically, that’s what I said to you. To be helped, people must want to be helped. Remember the 2 criteria:

1) They must have done at least SOME preliminary work. This can be meditation, but also social work, reading spiritual books, going to the Church/temple etc. In this case, the religions are right. Reading the Gita, IF YOU Understand it, DOES HELP. Because it puts you in the mindset to accept my teachings. It tells you you need to work. You may still be impure (no religious connotations in the word), but at least you are ready for instruction.

2) They must, WITH ALL THEIR HEART, ask to be taught.

To start off, even ritualistic and mechanical worship of God is acceptable, because it puts people in the right mindset. The problem is when people get stuck at this level, but that is another topic.

So even folding your hands in a temple or Church, for 5 minutes a day, helps. If you can do nothing else, merely expressing gratitude for your life is enough.

God helps you by changing YOUR perception, so you start seeing the world from HIS viewpoint. But you must want to change, to accept your way of looking at the world is wrong, that there is a better way.

Remember, and I must repeat: God DOESN’T make you suffer. Your own ego does that, and it does a really fine job, thank you very much 😊. If you follow my path, it is one WITHOUT suffering, but with the condition attached that you let me guide your chariot.

Me: And you made a Gita reference. I feel so smart.

Teacher: ‘course you do. Cause You’re ME. SEE? You and me ONE.

Now to answer your question burning in your heart How can you help the idiot relatives you have, and let them overcome their madness?

Me: Yeah. My relatives are sooooo unspiritual. I want to slap them sometimes. Actually, I want to slap a lot of people…..

Teacher: Okay, Mr Judgemental. Remember, it is the ego that judges. The Divine Accepts and Loves. To be spiritual is not to force your philosophy on the world; it is to accept that each and every person in the world has their own path, and that we are not better or more “spiritual” than anyone else. And rather than trying to change the world, we should follow our own path.

Coming back to relatives: You have to accept you wont be able to help everyone. Especially people you think need your help the MOST. This is the real meaning of the curse of Karan.

(For those who don’t know: Karan was a great warrior, who was cursed that he would forget his training when he needed it the most. And that’s what happened- his chariot driver was killed, his chariot got stuck in a ditch, and forgetting this training, he turned his back to the enemy to fix his chariot. That’s when he was killed)

The material world betrays you when you need it the most. At that stage, you either die, like Karan, or you come to me, like Arjuna. THAT’S THE ONLY FREE WILL YOU HAVE. To trust the strength of the ego, or to trust the Inner Teacher, the Guide.

Which is why I say to you: Don’t worry about helping EVERYONE. The Teacher of Light works on himself/herself, and accepts that the Universe will take care of everyone else.