Why the Divine would rather you became the best person you could, rather than trying to save the world

Why the Divine would rather you became the best person you could, rather than trying to “save the world”

I was sitting meditating on whether it is selfish to think about my own well being (particularity increasing the number of money in my account, so I could pull a Scrooge McDuck), rather than helping the poor etc. That’s when the Inner Teacher spoke, quite clearly and emphatically:

God wants each one of us to be the BEST human we can- physically, mentally and spiritually. The ego, on the other hand, wants to build hospitals and save the poor.

And this solved a particular problem for me. The most egoistical (spiritually speaking) and angry people I’ve seen and met are all We need to save the world types.

I always thought to myself: Gee, you might want to save the world, but do you have to be such assholes about it?

(Author warning: remember, it takes an asshole to recognise one. So be mindful when judging others. I’m not, but I also think juggling custard pies is funny, so dont follow my example)

Let’s ask the Teacher

Me: Yo Teacher! Why are you trying to suggest we shouldn’t save the world? You an anti-poor Republican or something?

Teacher On the contrary, I do want you to save the world.

Me: You confused me now

Teacher: You cannot save the world while you yourself are stuck in ignorance and suffering, Shantnu.

The problem with the ego is: it thinks it knows how to save the world. It thinks it has all the answers. Yet all it has is some idiotic ideas of how to help others, even as it itself is miserable.

You can best help others if you are in a state of grace, your mind is calm and peaceful.

Me: So you mean, The best way to help others is to fix your own shit first?

Teacher: Yup, very eloquently put.

From a spiritual point of view, the best thing any of us can do is awaken ourselves.

The ego thinks: People suffer because they don’t have enough money / health / Rolls Royces. Yet, go to the poorest village in India or Africa, and you will find people happier than the millionaires in New York.

We do NOT believe money is evil. Material wealth has its purpose. But it cannot compensate for the feeling of spiritual emptiness.

We feel lack at 3 levels:

  • The body feels hunger, and yearns for physical touch and love

  • The mind wants intellectually challenging things to do

  • The Spirit wants oneness with the Divine

The quote you mention at the top,

God wants each one of us to be the BEST human we can- physically, mentally and spiritually. The ego, on the other hand, wants to build hospitals and save the poor

says that God wants us to be happy in all dimensions. We should be physically healthy;

rich enough we are not constantly thinking about lack of money, and can use our mind for Divine purposes


realise the spiritual wealth that comes from living the Divine Life

Ignoring any one part will not help you or your spiritual progress. Many spiritual types try to ignore the body, or try to pretend money is not important. It doesn’t work. Your rent comes due, and you realise money is important. No matter how much you try to suppress the feeling, you can’t hide it from God.

And so fix your own problems first. Get a better job, get healthy. Don’t ignore the body or mind when chasing the spirit- they will drag you down.

As I have said before Above all, God wants you to be happy. If lots of money will do that, God is happy to make you a millionaire.

The only thing is, you can’t fool God. God knows if your problem is lack of money, or lack of mental peace, or a combination (as I found out when I realised even a million dollars wouldnt make me happy

Conversely, you can’t fool God by pretending you don’t need money, when even the thought of opening your bank statement gives you terror attacks.

What is the solution? Be the Best Person you can be, given your circumstances. Try your best, and don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect.

The Peaceful Mind

Finally, the best way to help people suffering is to show them what a calm mind looks like.

Most people, even those meditating for years, will never have experienced a mind devoid of thought, a mind at peace with itself.

The Teacher says: 90% of your problems would vanish if you could just shut up your mind for a few seconds, and rest in the Silence

Me: 90%, eh? Sign me up!

Teacher: But the sad truth is, most people will never realise the best way to heal their mind and life is to become silent.

But a Teacher of God can show them this. One who has silences his own mind is better positioned to help heal others. Most people don’t even know that they have the option to not listen or believe the chattering in their mind.

You can read all the spiritual books, listen to all the lectures you want, sit with a straight back chanting aum for years; and yet, a minute of Silence is worth 10 years of meditation.

Me: Dude, you are exaggerating now.

Teacher: Dude, I am the Teacher. I never exaggerate 😊

So the best way to help people, to save the world, is to reach this state of Silence.

You want to help others? Help yourself first. Calm your own passions, your own pain. Become worthy to be a vessel for God. And only then can God use you to help others.